My Vinyl is on Its Way

My vinyl from the secret seven project will be arriving soon. I learned about it from a friend who participated last year. He’s been buying vinyl records for a long time and even DJs with them at parties. He has a couple of turn tables that he scratches on and he’s pretty good at it. I keep telling him that he could probably be a world famous DJ one day, but he’s just happy doing it for his friends at parties. I guess not everyone wants to be famous. He mentioned how excited he was to get another album from the project, and that’s when he filled me in on all the details.

Next year instead of just buying one of the project vinyls, I wouldn’t mind making one of the covers. I’m not the best artist in the world, but I think I’m pretty good at it. I don’t have any formal training in art. I’ve just learned how to draw by messing around with pencils until my drawings started to look like the thing I was drawing. I’m good at using artist software only because of trial and error. I think with enough time and effort, I can come up with a cover that is good enough to be accepted for the project.

While I’m waiting for my vinyl to come, my friend and I are going to go to the local record store later in the month to check out some of the latest releases. We rarely buy music on any other format besides vinyl these days. There’s something about putting a vinyl record on the record player that’s so much more satisfying than simply playing a digital file on a phone or popping a CD into a disc player. We’ve even thought about making a compilation of songs that can’t be found on vinyl and having them pressed into vinyl records. I don’t know how much something like that would cost, but it would be awesome.